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Our wags are ideal and proven for fresh and saltwater fishing – bass, walleye, muskie, cobia, drum, mahi, red fish, snook, flounder, striped bass, and tarpon have all been caught with these baits!  The wag was designed to have two reactions in one bait – the tail movement of the fleeing fish and the side to side movement of a wounded bait fish.  These baits are made to last and can be used over and over again.

***Check out our instagram account @aaronsbaits and look at our saved story highlights on Wags to learn more and see some of our clients’ catches!

Color:  Blue Shiner: Blue iridescent with silver tones and blue flake

Included: 3-pack of wags with one wag pre-rigged with a black, heavy-duty weighted 6/o hook 

Size Options: 4” or 6” wags are available on this website so that you can match the profile of the baits in the area you are fishing

Recommended Pairing:  Need spare hooks?  Check out our custom made weighted wag hooks and our Colorado spinner rig that can be used with our wags


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