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You won't find a better value for your money than this set right here...and our favorite part is that it can be used by someone going fishing for their very first time or by a seasoned professional!   This set was originally supposed to come with 5 baits all pre-rigged (hooked for you newer folks), but we geeked out and decided to give you 10 baits total.  We couldn't help ourselves here at Aaron's Baits - we know these products get the job done and we want you to get catching and find out for yourself!

For our customers that are more familiar with fishing terms and lingo - half of the baits in this set are rigged with nedhead hooks and jig heads.  There are lots of options to customize these baits or fish them as they are!

What's included (colors will vary, but style of bait will not):   

  • Two 6" Dragontail baits 
    • One bait on a jig hook/shaky head rig
  • Two 4" Dragontail baits 
    • One bait rigged on a nedhead hook
  • Two 3.5" Rascal baits
    • One bait rigged on a nedhead hook
  • Four 3.5" Thumper baits - our most versatile baits!
    • Two baits on 1/8" jig head hooks


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