Underspin Keel Hook
Spinnerbait Wag

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Our wag/spinner rig is a winning combination!  Spinnerbaits are ideal for catching bass, perch, pike, or any predatory fish.  They mimic a swimming fishbait as the blades on the wire create and vibration and flashing that entices the fish.  They are ideal to use in low visibility situations - cold and muddy shallow waters or deep, dark waters. 

This Underspin spinnerbait is set with a keel hook and features a Willow spinner blade in gold or silver dependent on the color of the wag you order.

***Check out our instagram account @aaronsbaits and look at our saved story highlights to catch a video of these in action at a demonstration tank at the Richmond Boat Show!

COLOR COMBO: This Pumpkin Spice Wag has an earthy orange body with iridescence and is paired with a gold Colorado spinner blade.

SIZE OPTIONS:  Available with our 4" Wag in select colors, rigged with a keel hook and Willow blade.

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