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As versatile as it is effective, our Dragon Tail bait comes in two sizes to best fit your fishing style and goals.  The totally unique tail provides resistance in all directions making the worm really move.  In the water the bait gives off a slight vibration as the water moves from one chamber of the tail to the next making it easy to attract big bass from a distance.

This bait is the ultimate drop shot, wacky rigged, shaky head, and Texas rigged soft bait for finesse bass fishing conditions.  There is no bad way to rig this bait to entice fish to strike and we have even used it with a small split shot, Ned rigged, Carolina Rigged, Mojo rigged, and Niko rigged.

Ideal for throwing in areas like laydowns to grassy points, primary to secondary points, ledges, docks, and on open water.

Color Description: Green Pumpkin is a mossy green pumpkin with green flake

Types of Fish We've Caught with Dragon Tails:  Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and Spotted Bass

Size Options: 4” or 6” Dragon Tails are available on this website so that you can match the profile of the baits in the area you are fishing

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