3" Shrimp

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Shrimp are a natural forage for several species of game fish both inshore and offshore. Our soft plastic Shrimp bait can be fished offshore in schooling fish or inshore around grass lines, feeder creeks, oyster beds, sloughs, and channels based on where your preferred game fish are located.

Our favorite way to rig our Shrimp is with a jig head to give it a finesse slow fall and then we bounces it off the bottom on the retrieve.  Another way we recommend rigging this bait is wacky style on a float rig which will give the Shrimp more action when you pop the cork.

Color Description: Chart Pearl in our shrimp bait has a white pearl opaque body and a semi-translucent chartreuse tail with gold flake

Types of Fish We've Caught with Shrimps:  Speckled Trout, Flounder, Snook, Reds, Tarpon, Cobia, Ladyfish, Sheephead, Black Drum

Size Options: 3” or 4” Shrimps are available on this website so that you can match the profile of the baits in the area you are fishing

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