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Our Rascals are an ideal finesse bait that can be rigged multiple ways.  Our favorite ways to fish this bait is with a Ned rig, Mojo rig, or as a drop shot. 

  • The Ned rig can be retrieved really slow so the Rascal is just touching the bottom or it can be popped off the bottom to get the fish to react and strike.
  • The Mojo rig will give this bait a slow side to side motion and a slower fall rate for those days when fish get real finicky.
  • We would use the Rascal as a drop shot to fish off points, ledges, and structures like road beds and docks because it will suspend the bait at 12 - 18" above the weight. This gives the bait a lively action that fish can’t resist.

Color Description: Big Shimmer is a translucent smoky blue gray with dark red and blue halo glitter

Types of Fish We've Caught with Rascals:  Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Trout and Pickerel


Size Options: Available in one size - 3.75”

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